Flexible Dentures

Removable dentures have always been thought of as rigid; as they were created from a rigid metal base designed to replace missing teeth. Full and partial dentures made of the traditional, rigid material can be irritating to some patients, and are often more noticeable.


The flexible partial denture was creates in the 19050s as a solution! This type of denture is more comfortable, and provides a better fit. The fit becomes better because the flexible material used can flex and bend the way your mouth does. Additionally, many patients find these dentures more aestetically appealing.


Flexible partial dentures are custom created for each patient. Dr Jackson will take an impression of your mouth, and then have his dental laboratory create the custom partial. In most cases, your natural teeth do not to be altered in anyway. Flexible partials are also virtually invisible, as they do not have the traditional metal clasps covering your natural teeth. Most flexible materials blend with the tissue in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful smile.


Why Should You Wear a Partial Denture?


Partial dentures return the natural beauty back to your smile by replacing missing teeth, as well as provide a closer, more comfortable fit.


Flexible dentures also:

- Make it easier to chew and speak

- Maintain the shape of your face

- Ease the stress of your bite

- Prevent teeth from shifting

- Decrease the risk of gum disease and resulting gum disease treatment

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